Annual Fees

  • The fees do not cover any medical services, but rather allow our physicians to keep the practice small and guarantee the access you desire. 
  • The fee for an individual is $2950 per year and for couples or groups is $2450 per person yearly.
  • Discounted fees are available for individuals residing in North Carolina less than 6 months per year.The fee for an individual is $2250.00 per year and for couples or groups is $2050 per person yearly.

Other Services and Fees

  • Group business plans are available to help ensure the health and productivity of your top executives and personnel. This highly valued benefit can help with retention and recruiting, while protecting the health of your business. Arrangements can be made for providing either annual executive physicals or full annual memberships as part of the program.
  • The membership and executive physical fees are likely not covered by insurance.Your tax advisor or plan administrator can clarify whether the fee qualifies for reimbursement from your Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) or other tax-advantaged plan.
  • Your insurance will be billed for your comprehensive annual physical and continuity care and members pay designated deductibles and co-payments just as they would at any practice (as required by legal statutes and insurance regulations).
  • We will interact with Medicare and commercial insurance on your behalf.
  • Put the Price in Perspective:
    • $4160 The cost of an average green fee per weekend for a year.
    • $3120 The cost of an average dinner on the town weekly for a year.
    • $1800 The average cost of cable or satellite service yearly.
    • $1280 The cost of a latte every day for a year.
    • Taking control of your health: PRICELESS.