Concierge Care

A limited number of patients is the foundation of our practice. This allows us time to learn the details of your medical history and give you the personal attention you deserve.

Imagine having a doctor who takes the time to know every detail about your health. Imagine having a doctor who partners with you to help you become as healthy as possible. Imagine the reassurance that comes with this level of care. That's what we do.

In the current system, most traditional internists have thousands of patients resulting in packed office schedules and appointments of limited availability and length. Many patients and doctors feel rushed and find it difficult to thoroughly address health concerns. At Blue Ridge Premier Medicine, your physician will have only 350 patients at a time. You can rest assured your needs and time will remain the priority for our physicians and well-trained team. We will be seeing only a handful of patients daily and will schedule appointments long enough to deal with even complex problems.

This additional time allows your physician to dedicate unprecedented personal attention to your health and advocate for you:

  • the time to see you on short notice.
  • the time to concentrate on your care, explore your medical problems and speak directly with consultants on your behalf.
  • the time to do the follow-up needed for your care.
  • the time to guide you through the maze of today's complex health care system.
  • the time to explain health issues to you and your loved ones in plain language you can understand and to develop a plan to help you achieve optimal health.

The main focus of Blue Ridge Premier Medicine is health maintenance and disease prevention. We strive to take care of issues before they become more serious and impact your work or lifestyle. When health problems do arise, your doctor will immediately be available to you, seeing you promptly in our office, the emergency room, the hospital, or even in your home if medically necessary. Your physician has the time and expertise necessary to fully research your condition, the latest available treatment options, and facilitate any referrals to Asheville's superb subspecialty community. If your condition requires university level evaluation (rare diseases, experimental therapies, transplant evaluations, etc), your physician will help choose the best center and make arrangements as with any other specialist referral.

If hospitalization is required, we will be there to manage your care at Mission Hospital, the nationally recognized, premier comprehensive healthcare system in the region. For those patients who may require therapy and rehabilitation stays at Care Partners or local nursing facilities, we will continue to see you there or coordinate with your providers to help you get better. If illness occurs during travel outside this area, your records are available to you via a flash drive and we will interact with local health care providers on your behalf until you return.