The heart of Blue Ridge Premier Medicine's practice is unparelleled access to your physician. Our brand of continuity care ensures that personal care is just a phone call or visit away.

  • Your physician will see you as frequently as required and allowed by your schedule to achieve your health goals.
  • Urgent problems will be dealt with quickly before they become larger problems.
  • Blue Ridge Premier Medicine has its own x-ray equipment, can administer I.V. fluids and medications, and repair lacerations. This can often eliminate the nightmare of an emergency room visit.
  • In the event you do require emergency care, we will do our best to meet you in the emergency department and depending on the problem serve as your physician there in coordination with the emergency physicians and any needed subspecialists.
  • For inpatient hospital care, most internists turn care over to the hospitalist physicians. As our patient, we will be with you every step of the way as your attending physicians at Mission Healthcare, the nationally recognized regional referral hospital system. We will oversee all aspects of your care, from initially arranging direct admissions to bypass the E.R. if appropriate, to seeing you daily and managing consultants, diagnostic testing and treatments. We will also coordinate any transfers to or from other hospitals or nursing facilities as well as all aspects of follow-up, home health, and additional therapies as needed.
  • If you need rehabilitation services at Care Partners or other nursing care facilities, we will continue to follow you there as well whenever possible, either directing your care or coordinating with the physicians who see you to speed your recovery.
  • We are with you, across the state or around the world. We will advise you when you’re traveling, ensure you are properly immunized, help you prepare a personal medical travel kit, and call in prescriptions or direct you to the closest medical care facility within the U.S.