Comprehensive Physical Exam

Blue Ridge Premier Medical's comprehensive annual exam allows your physician to understand your physical condition extremely well and is the core of our care model.

As a member of our practice, you will receive an extensive executive-style physical exam encompassing a thorough risk factor analysis, numerous screenings and extensive laboratory tests similar to those at Canyon Ranch and other destination facilities. Your personal physician at Blue Ridge Premier Medicine will interpret all results for you, develop a plan for optimal health and provide ongoing care to achieve these results. The exam is offered annually so your physician remains up to date on your health status. Standard insurance billing will apply and depending on your insurance coverage, there may be additional out of pocket expense (with your prior approval) for the exam and testing.

The annual exam may include as appropriate:

  • Extended time with your personal physician to thoroughly develop a plan to achieve your health goals.
  • A comprehensive physical examination.
  • Laboratory studies:
    • Comprehensive metabolic panel
    • Complete blood count
    • Lipid profile including LDL-particle count
    • Thyroid profile
    • Ferritin and iron studies
    • Hemoglobin A1C
    • C-reactive protein and myeloperoxidase (indicators of cardiovascular risk)
    • PSA (males)
    • Urinalysis
    • Vitamin D level
  • An extensive array of diagnostic testing is available on site:
    • Ultrasound vascular screening for peripheral vascular disease
    • Chest X-ray
    • Spirometry and exercise oximetry to assess lung function
    • Audiometry
    • Body fat analysis
    • Balance assessment
    • Pap smear (available if you do not receive from your gynecologist)
    • Smoking cessation counseling and treatment (when applicable)
    • Diet and exercise analysis
  • Additional testing to be considered (not performed on site and billed separately by the performing entity):
    • Bone densitometry
    • Mammogram (women)
    • Screening high resolution CT in patients at high risk of lung cancer
    • Colonoscopy
    • Coronary artery calcium scoring (measure of atherosclerosis), and other stress testing as warranted
  • Other uncovered services available upon request or if needed to achieve optimal health:
    • Mission Sleep Center evaluation of sleep disorders
    • Fitness assessment from a personal trainer
    • Physical, occupational, or speech therapy evaluations
    • Physician-managed fully-accredited weight loss and bariatric surgery program